Recovery Service

Collection Services

Our custom designed collection programs ensure maximum recovery results. Operations personnel continually reinforce the utilization of tailored work plans. Information gathering from a variety of sources coupled with employment and asset verification activities, allows for the highest recovery in the shortest amount of time. Our work plans incorporate your standards and guidelines to ensure compliance with your corporate image and expectations.


Pre Collect Programs

Serving as a cost-effective extension of your in-house operations, our programs are designed for early delinquency mitigation at minimum cost. Our programs utilize a variety of customized letters and scripted call dialects to serve as friendly reminders to your customer that payment is past due.


We have developed a ‘state of the art’ database that makes locating skip accounts fast and accurate. Additionally, we provide asset investigations as required or on request. All of our information is verified prior to providing you with any details to ensure accuracy.

Payment Options

Account placement

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