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About us


We are a professional results-oriented full service 3rd party accounts receivable management solution services company. We are nationally licensed with collection centers in British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec with our head office located in Toronto at 255 Consumers Road, Suite 400



Our focus is to provide our clients with the highest possible rate of recovery while maintaining the most responsive customer service in the industry. To this end, we have invested heavily in our greatest asset, our people. New staff are subject to a rigorous training regimen including standardized testing. We take great pride in the people that we have assembled. Our senior staff has held key positions within the collections industry, serving both private and public sectors.


We are committed to serving our clients as a true ‘business partner’. In addition to providing the collection of past due accounts and customized receivable management solutions, we also provide a full range of collection related services such as skip tracing, asset investigation and national paralegal services.

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Mission statement

“At Credit Bureau of Canada Collections, we are committed to becoming the leading Canadian, collection services company. We continue to drive for superior results through the use of the latest technology and the most rigorous hiring and training programs in the industry. We employ a best practices approach in all service functions, ensuring an optimum business partner relationship for each of our clients.”


We employ a ‘best practices’ approach to managing our clients’ accounts. Information received through this process coupled with your own external reviews allows us to adapt and perfect our approach so that we may meet and exceed your changing needs. Understanding that today’s past due customer has the potential to be tomorrow’s new customer ensures that our approach is professional at all times.


Our goal is to form long-term valued relationships with our clients by demonstrating our commitment to provide the highest standard of customer service. We have the latest technology in place to facilitate the automated placement of accounts and available external access so that our clients may review their accounts.


We are dedicated to providing the highest level of professionalism and integrity. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate these qualities and hope that you will review the following information, which is ideal for comparison to other third party firms. We offer our clients a unique opportunity to develop ‘tailored’ programs to suit your needs.